Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial- No Sewing required.

Fall means Harvest time of the year, while our first response might be thoughts of harvest, colorful falling orange, yellow, red leaves also means to prepare for the chilly winter.

I love Fall season, the colors inspires me to create beautiful home décor. I 'm sharing a fun and easy DIY tutorial so you can make your own velvet pumpkin on a budget!

These trendy plush velvet pumpkins sold at home decors or online can be a little pricey.

If you decide to save some money this Holiday, try to make the velvet pumpkin yourself.

Materials you will need:

1- Velvet fabric- you can find good deals at Walmart, or fabric stores under $13 @ yard

You may find cheap fabric at thrift stores.

2- Foam pumpkin - you can find them at a dollar stores

3- Hot glue gun & glue

4- Faux flowers- dollar store

5- Stem - the dollar foam pumpkin comes with little one, or you can make your own (with yarn. or buy dry real stems.

6- Scissors.


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