How to Make a beautiful Sunflower Wreath.

Summer time is the best time to dress up your front door, specially with sunflowers that displays cheerful and beautiful bright colors welcoming your guest with smile.

This DIY tutorial for sunflowers wreath is the ideal for hanging up indoor, in pantry door, living room wall, outside under cover porch or just to give it as a gift.

Anyone can do it! it is easy and can be made in less than an hour.

Diy craft-summer wreath-sunflower wreath-wreathtutorial-farmhousewreath

Supplies need it:

* faux sunflowers

* wreath base - it can be grapevine, wood blend or foam

* greenery

* hot gun

* hot glue sticks

* wire cutter

* ribbon


1- First step is to gather all your supplies that you need, then start with the wire cutter to cut most of the stem of each sunflower and greenery. Leave enough stem that it can be pushed through the base wreath.

2- Have your hot gun ready with the glue stick.

3- Start assembling the sunflower wreath by placing the greenery into the base with hot glue.

make sure to use plenty of greenery so it looks full.

4- Then start placing the sunflowers as many as you want, creating a beautiful design. By using hot glue you secure the greenery and flowers from falling off.

5- You can be creative and add small flowers to blend with sunflowers, its optional.

6- Once the arrangement is completed and is placed on the right spot of the base, continue with the ribbon that will be holding the wreath. This can be any color.

I really enjoy making wreaths, I like to see the creation becoming a beautiful art design.

I would love hearing from our viewers tell me what kind of tutorial want to see (related to wreaths, table arrangements, wood door hangers, ornaments or cricut ideas)

Feel free to ask questions, contact me if you need more information on how to make it.

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Enjoy and have fun


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